Ornamental Obesessions


American Woodturner Article Repository

I have written a number of articles on ornamental turning for American Woodturner, originally intended to be a regular column under the title “Ornamental Obsessions”. The series started with a gallery article introducing the type of work done by twelve contemporary ornamental turners in the US. The same issue had the introduction to rose engine turning and the publication of the plans that would allow anyone to build a lathe themselves. The series began in the Spring of 2007.

They are all collected here for those who may not have access to past issues of the American Woodturner journal.

The introductory “gallery” article.

— Spring 2007

The original Rose-Engine article.

— Spring 2007

Overview of Cutting Frames

— Spring 2008

Building an Overhead Drive

— Spring 2008

Multi-Layer Technique

— Summer 2008

Primer on Phasing

— Fall 2008

Making Ornamental Ornaments

— Winter 2008

Eccentric Chuck Primer

— Fall 2009

Overview of Contemporary OT & Tribute to Gorst duPlessis

— February 2016